TENANT FEE BAN – June 1st 2019

The biggest change in the letting industry since the housing act of 1988.  In our opinion a ‘CROWD PLEASING’ move by the Conservative government in conjunction with the Labour party who included it within their election manifesto prior to the last two general elections. We say a crowd pleaser!, as in our opinion this is [...]

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M & M Staff News – Tom Smith

Tom joined M & M last September as a Trainee Property Manager and quickly fitted right in with the Lettings Team to become a key member, letting properties from his first week in. A few stats - In November he let 12 houses, December 8 and January 8, and has moved 28 people into their [...]

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New Faces at M & M

Say Hi to Michael and Sarah our new Team Members.  Sarah Bishop joined M & M in January to work in the Maintenance Department with Karen and Angela, where she is kept very busy dealing with landlords and tenants alike resolving the many and varied issues that arise, and with fourteen years’ experience in property management [...]

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