Mediation service launches to keep landlords, agents and tenants out of court

The Property Redress Scheme, which has launched the service, says it has been brought forward to cope with the extra tensions being caused by the pandemic out of court    A unique mediation service to help landlords, letting agents and tenants resolve disputes without having to resort to courts has been launched by the Property [...]

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Rent payments: Tenants have been advised to continue to pay rent and abide by all other terms of their tenancy agreement to the best of their ability.   Landlords should offer support and understanding to tenants who may start to see their income fluctuate.  An early conversation between landlord and tenant can help both parties to [...]

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As from the 20th March, until further notice, non-essential repairs will not be carried out on any of our managed properties. Please continue to use our reporting platform via our website to report any fault, and to obtain the appropriate guidance. Of course, there will continue to be a requirement for contractors to still visit your property to [...]

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Back in July the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government released a report that has put Estate Agents on the path towards the regulation of estate agents in the UK and letting agents in England.   While we don’t know what regulation will look like in its final form, the report showed the recommendations of the [...]

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Latest statistics prepared by Rightmove show that M & M Lettings have increased their market share of Lets Agreed from 43.2% to 48.4% from September 2018 to September 2019. To put this further into perspective in the context of market share - M & M agreed lets of 237 properties, with the agent with the [...]

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Labour report calls for a stop on renters paying Council Tax

A Labour-commissioned report calls on the party to make radical change to the housing market if it wins power. The report proposes to replace the Council Tax with a “progressive property tax” that would see landlords forking the bill. One of the authors of the report, George Monbiot, stated that since 1995 land values have [...]

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Demand for clear information on new Deposit Cap legislation

In April, the UK’s largest tenancy deposit protection scheme (by the value of deposits protected) launched, an online resource to provide information to those who will be affected by the new legislation, and it has already seen over 17,000 unique visits. The resource centre offers examples of how the Tenant Fees Ban could affect [...]

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Landlord confidence key to possession reforms

Section 21 repossessions should be retained in the private rented sector unless and until a new system is in place that provides landlords with the same level of confidence about repossessing properties in legitimate circumstances. Groups representing landlords and letting agents forming a ‘Fair Possessions Coalition’ have united in warning that plans to abolish Section [...]

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