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If you are considering renting a property through M & M Properties or are applying for a loan, a credit card, a mortgage or even a mobile phone contract, your credit report is your financial passport. Banks and organisations such as M & M Properties can use it when you apply for credit to make a decision as to how likely you are to manage your finances responsibly.

When making an application for rented accommodation your credit will be checked via our professional referencing company. Although a low score is unlikely to result in your application being turned down, any registered county court judgements or bankruptcy orders will.

Checking your credit rating through Noddle gives you free for life access to your full credit report. This means there are no 30 day free trials, no hidden fees and no need to cancel, just free access to your personal credit file.

The Noddle service can help you take charge of your finances by giving you :

  • Unlimited online access to your full monthly credit report and credit rating
  • Access to financial products and benefits relevant to your credit own profile
  • Expert support from their UK customer services team

Checking the information on your credit report is accurate to help prevent identity theft, as wrong information on your credit file could suggest a fraudster may be applying for credit in your name.

Get your free for life access to your credit file and take charge of your financial history.

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If you’re applying for rented accommodation, a loan, credit card, mortgage or even a mobile phone contract, your credit rating matters.



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