Minimum Energy efficiency regulations – successful campaign

Out of over 700 properties M & M are now working with only 9 landlords who are yet to meet the minimum energy efficiency standards . The Regulations of 2015 establish a minimum level of energy efficiency for privately rented property in England and Wales. This means that, from April 2018, landlords of privately rented domestic and non-domestic property in England or Wales must ensure that their properties reach at least an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E before granting a new tenancy to new or existing tenants. These requirements will then apply to all private rented properties in England and Wales – even where there has been no change in tenancy arrangements – from 1 April 2020 for domestic properties, and from 1 April 2023 for non-domestic properties. Energy performance certificates last for ten years, It is a requirement for a certificate to be produced at the start of any new tenancy ( De-regulation bill October 2015), the first certificates are now coming to an end, M & M will be contacting you to have your certificate updated.

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