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Selling guide

There is a saying that a buyer makes a decision on a house within the first thirty seconds of viewing. True or not, first impressions are crucial, so here are a few simple tips which will help to sell your home:

Keep your driveway clear, leaving a space free so that your viewer can park easily, and if you have a caravan, try and find alternative parking whilst your home is on the market.

Statistics recently published state that the 1 in 4 households in the UK currently keep pet dogs/cats and this number is growing fast. The reverse side of this is that 3 out of 4 households, and potential viewers, do not have any animals, and as such, a pet free zone is the most beneficial way to present your property on viewings to potential future owners.

Keep the garden neat and tidy – lawn mown and borders weeded. Keeping rooms clear of any unessential clutter can make a huge difference to potential buyers. Finding attractive storage for toys, keeping beds made, and washing up done, will create a feeling of order, comfort and space, and draw the potential buyer to your home’s assets and not distract during that critical first viewing.

The old days of baking bread and making fresh coffee are somewhat behind us but there is no doubt that a bunch of fresh flowers or any welcoming touches all help.

But remember we are selling homes and lifestyles, not show houses, so consider the above, and present the house as best as is practical for you, and if you need any further guidance on this, our sales team would be happy to advise.


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